New Xiaomi Mi Mix with 16 GB of RAM?


Xiaomi I would be ready to launch in the second half of this year 2020 a new top of the range, characterized by impressive details: the device in question could have RAM equal to 16 GB RA memoryNot new in the absolute sense, since the Nubia Red Magic 5G and the ultra-version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 have already reached such a huge amount of virtual memory, but still something noteworthy.

This was expected by the Digital Chat Station, whose Weibo account has already become the protagonist of leaks related to the Chinese company, which was later confirmed. The source also mentioned the presence of one the front camera is built into the hole in the display, emphasizing that the technology of “hiding” photographic sensors below display it will be cleared through customs only in 2021.

Today it’s hard to be sure which smartphone is rattling: until last year Xiaomi I launched Mix me up in the second semester. In 2019, the turn has come Mi Mix Alpha which, however, was never sold and remained a prototype. The design can be inherited from the latter, especially in connection with the presence of a twisted display, which also covers part of the rear of the body.


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