New York begins using a new transportation disinfection method


For this, now the metro is closed for four hours every night.

New York began using a new method of transportation disinfection. Photo:

The New York Transportation Authority (MTA) has initiated a pilot project to use high-power ultraviolet lamps to disinfect buses, stations and metro trains.

In the first phase of the project, 150 mobile devices will be included for cleaning vehicles. In the next phase, officials plan to use ultraviolet light to clean Metro-North and Long Island Rail commuter trains. In total, the MTA is going to spend $ 1 million on the project, NY1 reports.

The new project is part of a partnership between the New York City Transportation Authority and Columbia University, which suggests that ultraviolet radiation can be used to kill the virus in public transportation. So, for metro disinfection, lamps with short-wave ultraviolet radiation (UVC) are commonly used to purify water, laboratory equipment, buses and airplanes. If the project produces a good result, it can be expanded to include more trains and buses.

The MTA uses the equipment during nightly cleaning processes, for the first time in 116 years, the metro is planned to be closed four hours each evening.

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