NHA does not recommend voluntary health insurance



NHA does not recommend voluntary health insurance

Companies cannot guarantee the stability of medical tax deductions, therefore, the NHA does not recommend switching to a voluntary medical insurance system.

This was stated in an interview with the “Mirror of the week” by the president of the National Health Service Oksana Movchan.

“Essentially, it’s another hidden tax. The company has reacted very strongly to any government tax initiative in the past five years. This is an increase in the tax burden. Today, the medical industry in Ukraine is funded from the general tax base. In our conditions, this is an ideal situation. In particular, to ensure the stability of the volume of funds intended for health care. For businesses, if they are required to do so, the exercises may be different. And then the funding of the health system also stops being stable. Therefore, we would not recommend doing this, ”said Movchan.

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