Nikolay Tishchenko, at a meeting of the Parliament, corresponded with Zelensky (PHOTOS)



An obnoxious deputy and former television presenter spoke with the chairman of the boards to be placed during his election campaign. As you know, Nikolai Tishchenko wants to run for mayor of Kiev.

Nikolay Tishchenko
Nikolay Tishchenko. Photo –

The deputy’s correspondence with the president was recorded by the journalists of the publication “Letters“, Writes the NPF.”

As we can see in the photo, Tishchenko sends Zelensky several options of political banners and asks:

“Will it be so normal?”

In addition, the Member is in correspondence with a certain Sveta Sh regarding the shootings that will take place this week. In the same correspondence, he reports that at Bankova he was asked not to start hanging boards for the moment:

“We at the office of the president have decided that, so far, without party advice. Zelensky called and asked not to start the board program. “

In addition, Tishchenko, instead of listening to the parliamentary meeting, asked someone to get him the contacts of the rectors of several universities.

The deputy also received a message from a certain Viti Kulik: the latter complained that the director of the Obolonsky market does not authorize the trade of Jeanne and Kobe.

Recall that we wrote earlier that three candidates of the “Servant of the People” are ready to fight for the post of mayor of Kiev.



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