Nikolayevshchina’s “phenomenon”: Lyashko told how the inspection went



In that in the Nikolaev region, no case of coronavirus infection is recorded, there is no sensation. No significant violation of the action algorithm for patient identification and treatment was found.

Ukrainian health official Viktor Lyashko, who arrived with an inspection in Nikolaev, said so during an information meeting on April 9, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“Today, there is no feeling that in the Nikolaev region no case of coronavirus infection has been recorded. We have verified four levels of medical care related to the detection and treatment of this disease – from ‘ambulance to the hospital for infectious diseases, and we did not find any significant violation,’ said Lyashko.

He noted in particular that he had started his inspection by becoming familiar with the work of the virology laboratory, which can perform up to 500 PCRs per day. He then visited the Primary Health Care Center (CPMSP), learned about the work of emergency medical care and, of course, visited the regional infectious disease treatment center.

“And the ambulance, center and hospital have everything they need to provide assistance. Doctors have appropriate protective equipment, they know their actions when identifying a suspected coronavirus patient. In other words, there are no questions in this regard. But the fact is that now in Nikolayevshchina there is a very low incidence of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections, it is well below the epidemic threshold, so there are few calls to doctors about it, “noted the chief physician.

At the same time, he noted that following the results of the visit, a detailed analysis of what he would have seen and heard would be carried out and that the region would receive relevant proposals to improve the resolution of certain problematic questions.

As reported by Ukrinform, control studies of samples from patients with pneumonia in the Nikolaev region in an independent laboratory, which were selected to verify the accuracy of the action algorithm of local doctors, coincided with the conclusions of Nikolaev’s specialists.

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The Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko came to Nikolayevshchina to verify the phenomenon of the region, which is the only one in Ukraine where no case of COVID-19 has been recorded.

As of April 9, in Ukraine, according to the Ministry of Health, 1892 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus had been registered, including 57 fatal, 45 patients recovered. During the day, 224 new cases were recorded.

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