Nintendo Hacker Attack: Increased Hacked Accounts


Initially 160 thousand hacked accounts reported


The Japanese company Nintendo specialized in making video games and game consoles as a result of the hacker attack, Affected About 300 thousand users. In April, when a hack occurred, the company reported a settlement of 160 thousand accounts. It is primarily about users of the Nintendo Switch flagship console.

As Nintendo initially reported, 160,000 customer accounts were compromised by hacking the Nintendo Network ID. Hackers gained access to account holders’ names, email addresses and physical addresses, dates of birth and methods of payment. It is believed that fraudsters can also obtain credit card numbers. This week, the creator of the video game confirmed that another 140 thousand accounts were hacked, so the number of victims almost doubled.

The company report states that every user suffering from the hack will be informed about this, and the company will give him the opportunity to change the password. At the same time, Nintendo recommends using a two-tier authentication system on its accounts. Nintendo continues to investigate the incident, but suggests that the situation was not due to a Nintendo network security breach – login information was obtained by other means.

In addition, the company has promised to return the money if the data leak resulted in financial loss to customers. A portion of the money has already been paid.

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In early June, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck announced a data leak as a result of a hacker attack – the network obtained email addresses and other personal information of users, including names, registered addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and identifying the user Wally selfies are included. In total, hacking affected about 200 customers.

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