No amount was found to pay debts – source said miners continue to strike in NRL



In the so-called “LPR” of the Komsomolskaya mine, the miners continue to strike. Miners demand that they be paid back wages. The news source “Lugansk insider” spoke about the situation at the Komsomolskaya mine.

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This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the Telegram channel “Lugansk insider”, reports MFN.

The Lugansk insider source of information controlled by the occupiers reports that a miners’ strike continues at the Komsomolskaya mine. The miners, as you know, went down to the mine on June 5. They ask the management of the mine and the “authorities of the republic” to pay their back wages.

According to the resource “Lugansk insider”, the so-called “Minister of Fuels, Energy and Coal of the LPR” Pavel Malgin has repeatedly visited the striking miners. He promised the miners to solve this problem and find the money to pay their debts. But at present, according to the author of the publication, attempts to find money have failed.

“So far, the amount needed to pay the debts has not been found (there were about 50 million, but this amount is clearly not enough to pay the debts), but Malgin has promised to seek to money, “wrote the author of the publication.

According to the author of the publication, 117 miners are continuing the strike and two for health reasons have been forced to go back to the surface.

In addition, miners are supported by their wives and activists, who bring them water and food.

Earlier, we reported that the residents of ORDLO on social networks were talking about the situation at the CPVV “DPR”.



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