No IMF will help – expert said it would protect Ukraine from the crisis



Ukraine must make decisions that can protect exporting companies. Only in this way will the country be able to weather the economic crisis without significant losses. This is what the president of the ICC Ukraine, Vladimir Schelkunov, says.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “RBC-Ukraine “.

According to Shchelkunov, in a crisis, the country should develop programs that can protect the country’s large and medium-sized enterprises that work for export. According to the expert, Ukraine itself must protect its own producers, since they are particularly vulnerable during the crisis. And in this country, lenders will not help.

“With the loss of exports, no IMF will help you,” said Schelkunov.

The expert pointed out that thanks to the export products, the country receives money.

“Having lost exports, we will lose the last drop that protects Ukraine from the crisis,” said the expert.

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