No nepotism: Zelensky during his presidency employed more than 30 people from the company Kvartal-95 to the posts of the State



The Committee of Electors of Ukraine (KIU) noted that President Zelensky had not kept the promise of the next stage, that of not appointing his close friends to power.

Vladimir Zelensky
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About this writes “MFN”, referring to KIU.

According to the committee, during the year of Zelensky’s reign, more than 30 people who previously worked in Ward 95 or its indirect organizations were appointed to government positions. In other words, many of his friends came to power with Zelensky.

In particular, according to KIU, 12 people were employees of the Studio 95 Quarter:

“These people have occupied positions in the PO, in the central authorities, have become people’s deputies, etc.

And this despite the fact that they all have no experience in these areas, because before their life was linked to other areas. “

It’s not all behind the president’s communications to bring professionals to power, not friends.

So, now, in government bodies, such friends and acquaintances of Zelensky are working:

Andrey Ermak, Sergey Shefir, Sergey Trofimov, Yuri Kostyuk, Irina Pobedonostseva, Ivan Bakanov, Sergey Sivokho (already licensed), Vladislav Bukharev, Alexander Pashkov, Marina Kuderchuk, Sergey Borzov, Tatyana Rudenko, Julia Metzger, Irina Kopaigayvil Koryavchenkov, Alexander Kabanov, Maxim Tkachenko, Elena Khomenko, Olga Rudenko, Ruslan Stefanchuk, Nikolai Stefanchuk, Alexander Zavitnevich, Valery Sterniychuk, Igor Krivosheev, Alexander Kachura, Vladimir Voronov, Roman Grischuk, Irina Skichova.

Recall, earlier Alexander Danilyuk said that normal people do not want to work with Zelensky.

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