No One UI 2.1 on Samsung Galaxy Note 9? The last word is not said …


Hopes for the new One UI 2.1 also open Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (and therefore probably on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus). A new version of the customized interface was first announced (albeit unofficially) at the top of the range in 2018, and then there was a sudden braking that inspired hope in this regard.

Today, however, an interesting answer from customer support Korean company for the user who asked a lot of talk about the update. Good, though emphasizing hardware limitations (especially regarding the camera) Samsung Galaxy Note 9 due to anticipated arrival One user interface 2.1The message emphasizes that the developers are studying a kind of “adapted” version, which focuses on functions that can be easily learned by the smartphone.

In short, you can think of various innovations regarding Gallery, Quick Share and Music Share, or even a new virtual keyboard. It’s harder to keep up with new camera features One Shot Video Pro and recording Full HD video at 60 frames per second on the front camera.

In any case, we read how the “process of thorough verification” began and that any solution will be aimed at maintaining the performance of the device.

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