Nokia 3.1, upgrade to Android 10 begins


A particularly fruitful period is continuing in terms of Nokia software updates: the latter, to get Android 10, Nokia 3.1, Juho announced this, as is customary now Sarvikas – CPO HMD Global – through your account twitter,

Sarvikas It was emphasized that 38 countries initially participated in the deployment: as has happened in recent months, Italy is not among them. However, it is worth noting that the first phase of the release will be completed by May 18, and that other markets will subsequently be involved. In short, I Nokia 3.1 will eventually receive the long-awaited update.

Recall that this will be the second major update for this middle-class smartphone, launched now in the “distant” October 2018: in fact, it appeared a little over a year ago Android Pie 9, The double jump forward is clearly facilitated by the fact that almost versions are installed on Nokia Android stock,

With the new update, new ones will appear gesture for navigationdeeper privacy controls, improved smart answers, Focus mode (which allows you to stop applications and notifications when you need to focus) and Family Link Functionality,

Nokia 3.1 he also sold on Amazon italyhere is the link for the purchase:


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