Normal people don’t want to work with Zelensky – Alexander Danilyuk



The former head of the finance ministry noted that no one wanted to work in the Cabinet of Ministers, so that later they would not be accused of lowering Zelensky’s grade.

Alexander Danilyuk
Alexander Danilyuk. Photo –

Alexander Danilyuk shared this opinion in an interview “Facts“Writes” MFN “.

“Do you remember the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Goncharuk? Then all the ministers were only appointed to Bankova and the deputies voted for them at lightning speed. And what happened to the Shmygal Cabinet? They could not put all the ministers at the same time, because normal people refused to go there. Nobody wants to put their head on the chopper, where it says “Zelensky’s Note”. “

Danilyuk also noted that the president can no longer control his faction:

“The mono-majority is no more. To appoint individual ministers, the votes of the opposition had to be used. And when there was the question of Saakashvili’s appointment, it was not even put to the vote here. “

Therefore, concluded Danyluk, we will soon be able to see the new official coalition, which will include the “Servant of the People”, “European Solidarity”, “The Voice” and the group “Trust”:

“It is the factions that very often help the” servants “with their voices.”

We will recall, earlier, that we wrote that Zelensky was ready to dismiss Yermak from a post of head of the OP.

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