Not a pandemic: the chief doctor made a bold statement about the causes of death of most Ukrainians


Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko.



Ukraine’s chief medical officer of health Viktor Lyashko spoke about the real causes of most of the deaths in our country.

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Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko.
Lyashko made a bold statement on the causes of death in Ukraine. Photo:

According to the Deputy Minister of Health, the cause of many Ukrainian deaths in the past few days is not a coronavirus pandemic, but diabetes. He said so at a press briefing.

“For the sake of clarity, it should be understood that the 17 deaths that have been recorded today in Ukraine do not necessarily mean a coronavirus. The greatest number of deaths are recorded among elderly people with chronic diseases. People at risk for diabetes are also at risk. “ – said the official.

He explained that while people between the ages of 50 and 59 are most likely to have diabetes, younger patients, including those between the ages of 20 and 40, are not immune to the disease.

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