Not a state of emergency because of coronavirus – blogger said what ARDLO residents are really afraid of in a pandemic



Residents of the temporarily occupied Donetsk region are not as afraid of infection control measures as “the dire economic consequences of the lack of accumulation”.

Occupied territories
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This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the Telegram channel “Donetsk Aborigine”, reports MFN.

The blogger who writes under the nickname “Aboriginal Donetsk” reports that the residents of Ordlo are not afraid of the restrictions that the “authorities” of the “republic” have adopted because of the threat of the spread of the coronavirus. According to him, “during six years of life in the republic, the inhabitants hardly remember civil liberties”. The blogger writes that the residents of Ordlo have long been accustomed to the curfew and the lack of their suffrage.

According to the blogger, indeed, the inhabitants of ORDLO are frightened by the economic situation of the “republic”, the lack of personal savings and economic support of the “republic”.

“The inhabitants of ARDLO are not so afraid of the restrictions due to the pandemic and the state of emergency, because the economic consequences with the lack of savings and state support are terrible,” writes the blogger.

According to the blogger, instead of helping the inhabitants of the “republic”, the “authorities of the DPR” in the person of the leader Pushilin increase the fines and organize pogroms and checks.

“We can observe the monopolization of Pushilin of all financial flows from the Russian Federation, which keeps the local population hostage and blocks all funding cuts for residents of the” republic “, said the blogger.

Earlier, we reported that the blogger had talked about the special preparation of “leaders of the republic” for the coronavirus epidemic.

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