Not “anti-Kolomoisky” but “anti-Ukrainian” – Kolomoisky commented on the situation with the bill banning the return of banks to former owners



As you know, more than 16,000 changes have already been submitted to the bill, which was adopted at first reading. Today, the final adoption of the “anti-Colomian” law can take months. The heinous oligarch himself is assured that it has nothing to do with so many modifications.

Igor Kolomoisky
Igor Kolomoisky. Stock Photo –

Igor Kolomoisky spoke about it in an interview with the publication “HB“Writes” MFN “.

“I cannot call this bill” anti-Colomian “, as it has been dubbed in the media. It is an “anti-Ukrainian” law. Bid on sovereignty and the Constitution for 30 pieces of silver … Certainly, they are very expensive. “

The oligarch added that he had not asked any people’s deputy to draft amendments to the bill, but I am sure that those who have tabled such amendments are people who are mainly in favor of Ukraine.

Kolomoisky also denies contacting President Zelensky regarding the bill:

“No, this question was not raised at all. People have chosen their path … But she is greeting them nowhere. This has already shown the experience of their predecessors.

I don’t want Ukraine to default, which could happen if the IMF refuses to cooperate with us. I defend debt restructuring. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Fursa had commented on the record number of amendments to the “anti-Colomian” law.



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