Not only the coronavirus: a blogger said that the “DPR” would face a more serious problem



In addition to the epidemic of coronavirus, for which the so-called “DPR” turned out to be completely unprepared, the “republic” is facing hunger.

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This was reported by the portal Donpress, referring to the Telegram channel of blogger “Donetsk Aborigine”, reports MFN.

Donetsk Aboriginal blogger writes that the “Republic of DPR” may not be able to cope with another problem, with the exception of the coronavirus. According to him, the inhabitants of the “republic” are facing hunger. The blogger writes that gradually the world crisis begins to reach the “republic”. The author of the article figuratively calls hunger another “virus”. It is just the means to protect oneself from him, in the form of work and wages in the “republic” is not enough. “Aboriginal Donetsk” blames Denis Pushilin, head of the unrecognized “republic”.

“The personal protective equipment against this virus in the form of work and wages, during a year and a half of Pushilin’s reign, deprived almost everyone,” writes the blogger.

In addition, the author of the article shared interesting information. According to him, a month ago, the Red Cross transferred humanitarian aid to the hospitals of the “republic”, but for some reason it did not succeed. According to the blogger, “the Pushilin administration” has been implicated.

“Attention should be paid to the statement by the head of the Red Cross Robert Mardini that the cargo of the Red Cross, which arrived a month ago, has not been transferred to the hospitals of the” republic “.

Already now there is a need to minimize and minimize the bureaucratic burden on humanitarian missions. Not to block decisions, requiring coordination with the “head people”, but to give agencies the opportunity to work, “writes the blogger.

Earlier, we reported that Pushilin thanked Putin “for the invaluable support” of the residents of the “DPR”.

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