Not only the oil war: Qatar is preparing a powerful blow against the Russian Gazprom



Qatar’s Minister of Energy, Saad Sherida al-Qa’abi, said that Qatar planned to increase its gas production. According to him, Qatar Petroleum will be engaged in the production of gas, which is also the main competitor of the Russian gazprom.

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It is reported Politeka, referring to Haqqin documents. az ”, reports MFN.

The statement of the Minister of Energy of Qatar has been commented by experts. They believe that in fact Qatar has declared war on the Kremlin and Gazprom. After all, if Qatar increases the amount of blue fuel produced, the price of Russian gas will drop instantly. Gazprom expects serious losses, experts say. In addition, the losses will affect the state budget of Russia.

“In essence, it is a declaration of war on Gazprom and Moscow, the export of gas, which provides for substantial injections into the federal budget of the Russian Federation,” experts say.

Experts say Qatar wants to become a leader in the production of liquefied natural gas. But to take a leading position, Qatar must oust its main competitor, the Russian Gazprom, from the market.

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