Nova Posta has opened branches in another country


The company plans to further expand its branch network

The Ukrainian delivery service has opened branches in another country. Photo:

On Wednesday, 20 May, Ukrainian express delivery service Nova Poshta opened two branches in Chisinau.

The Nova Posta branch is located at is1st. Moscow undertakes the reception and issuance of goods without restrictions on 11/1 and load. Branch number 2 is located at ul. Aon Creanga 6/1 accepts and releases items weighing up to 30 kg. Both offices will be open from 9:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Saturday. All company services will be available to customers: sending and receiving domestic and international goods and parcels, and you can also use the packaging service. In the future, the range of services will expand.

As Mikhail Popovich commented on the CEO of Nova Poshta in Moldova, with the opening of new branches, the company wants to provide another service to customers – the ability to receive and send parcels “at any convenient time, by courier arrival.” Without waiting. “

In addition, at the Customs Terminal of New Post, located in Chisinau across the street, the Patrican of 17/3 organized the issue and reception of international shipments. There, customers can receive their international parcels on the day of customs clearance. Items open from 9:00 to 18:00.

The company plans to expand to other areas of the country by the end of the year, expanding its network of branches in Chisinau and with good experience.

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Earlier we wrote that OLX, UAPAY, Nova Poshta and EKO Market decided to unify and launch a targeted delivery service for products available to every Kiev resident from 5 May.

OLX provides a platform for ordering products, is responsible for the availability and quality of the EKO Market Kit, UAPAY provides reliable online payment, and secure courier delivery to the city of Nova Poshta.

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