Nova Posta launches new quarantined service


Company couriers are also equipped with masks, gloves and disinfectants

Nova Poshta launched a new quarantine service: Safety First. Photo: Logician

In Novaya Poshta he explained how he would deliver a new service – contactless delivery. If the shipment has already been paid, the courier will drop the parcel in the street in front of the door or be at a place convenient to the customer. After that, he will call the customer at the door, walk at least 1.5 meters and wait until the customer departs.

If a sudden shipment is not paid, the courier offers the customer to pay for the goods via a mobile application, preparing cash by credit card or without delivery. After each departure, couriers treat their hands and phones with antiseptic.

In addition, all Novaya Posta Offices and couriers are provided with disinfectants, protective masks and gloves. Secure stop lines are created at branches, and only one client is launched for each operator.

Before starting work, the employees of the company undergo a preliminary inspection and are not allowed to work in case of fever or poor health.

The company emphasizes that it is safer to use online services for self-service areas in parcels and payments, offices and post offices during quarantine.

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Recall, co-founder and managing director of Riketka Vladislav Chechetkin, said on his Facebook page that the company is starting a food delivery home in association with ATB and Novaya Pochta. The first new format is being tested by the Dnipropetrovsk region, and the service may be rolled out across the country in the near future.

How will the process be conducted? ATB makes the package and sells all products at the lowest possible price. ROZETKA provides their website for their placements and places all orders for free, as ATB has a retail network, but not online. New mail saves home buyers orders on cost.

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