NSJU Claims No Progress In Murder Of Journalist Komarov



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NSJU Claims No Progress In Murder Of Journalist Komarov

6/20/2020 7:02 PM


The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine insists on a public report by the national police on efforts to investigate the murder of journalist Vadim Komarov, who died a year ago, on June 20.

This is stated in a statement from the NSJU press service, which was posted on Facebook by its president, Sergei Tomilenko.

“A brutal attack on a journalist occurred on May 5, 2019 in the center of Cherkasy. Vadim Komarov fell into a coma and remained in this state for a month and a half until his death. And the case of the murder by Pavel Sheremet in Kiev in July 2016, and the case of the murder of Vadim Komarov in Cherkassy in 2019 were one of the main subjects of the special parliamentary hearings on the physical safety of journalists in November 2019. But despite the assurances that a Investigative task force is working on the investigation at the level of the leadership of the criminal police of Ukraine, information on the progress of the investigation into the murder of Vadim Komarov, “said the statement.

“Do not raise embarrassing subjects and do not criticize the leaders – this is the signal that Cherkass journalists are giving to the murder of Vadim Komarov and the lack of appropriate efforts to solve the crime,” said the NSJU chief, Sergey Tomilenko. “The profession of journalist remains dangerous in Ukraine”.

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As mentioned, Vadim Komarov, journalist, blogger, social activist, city councilor on a voluntary basis, representative of the Public Council of the Cherkasy State Regional Administration, was brutally beaten in broad daylight in the city center on 20 June 2019. He died from his injuries. Law enforcement officers practiced three versions, including those related to professional activities – the reporter was investigating bribery of local agents.

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