NSZU selection: Rada MP tried to broadcast interviews on Facebook



NSZU selection: Rada MP tried to broadcast interviews on Facebook

NSZU selection: Rada MP tried to broadcast interviews on Facebook


02/06/2020 22:59


Olga Stefanishina, MP for the Golos party, tried to broadcast the interview process for candidates for the post of head of the National Health Service live, which was conducted online by Minister Maxim Stepanov of the Ministry of Health.

Stefanishin posted relevant information on Facebook.

“In fact, today, interviews are conducted in manual mode, this cannot be called a competition. Mr. Stepanov simply conducts an interview with the participants who want to lead this service and decides who he will choose as partners to manage essentially all of the industry’s budget. Almost 100 billion UAH are allocated to the health system, ”said Stefanishina.

According to her, neither public and international organizations, nor the media were allowed to follow the interviews.

At the same time, Maxim Stepanov in one of the videos made public by Stefanishina indicated that an attempt to film the interview process is “discrimination of the candidates” because others can discover the questions that have been raised during the interview.

“Thus, you distort the very course of the competition. You cannot do it because you are discriminating against the candidate we interview. Therefore, I ask you to delete the record, ”said Stepanov.

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The member asked for a document confirming the ban on broadcasting this process. The head of the Ministry of Health cut off communication with one of the candidates and said that Stefanishina was trying to disrupt the conduct of the interviews. He also said that all the tapes of the interviews will be made public.

Subsequently, the MP left the premises of the Ministry of Health and video interviews with the candidates continued.

As reported by Ukrinform, in January 2020, a competition was held for the post of head of the National Health Service, the acting candidates having become finalists in the competitive selection. the head of the NSZU Oksana Movchan, the deputy head of this service, Natalia Ryabtseva, the head of one of the departments Andrei Vilensky.

After questioning the Senior Public Service Commission, they were to be questioned by the Minister of Health.

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On May 20, Maxim Stepanov announced that he had rejected all applications for the post of head of the NSZU.

On May 22, the Cabinet of Ministers announced a new competition for the position of President of the NLSS. The deadline for filing documents has extended to May 27.

On June 2, Stepanov announced that he would hold interviews with candidates selected by the personnel department during the day.

In addition, the broadcasting of interviews with several candidates for the post of head of the NHA was organized – with their agreement – on the premises of the National Health Service.

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