NSZU to increase list of drugs to be reimbursed



NSZU to increase list of drugs to be reimbursed

The National Health Service will add drugs from the four priority health services to the government’s reimbursement program.

This was stated in an interview with the “Mirror of the week” by the head of the National Health Service Oksana Movchan.

“We have suggestions. First, it involves adding drugs to the four priority medical services. We will certainly present such proposals. In addition, we have submitted the preliminary budget statement (calculated for three years) with a significant increase in funding for affordable drugs over the next three years. It is a good program. At relatively low costs, compared to other cost elements, this gives a sufficiently large and rapid effect on the quality of citizens’ health, ”noted Movchan.

According to her, it is money with high quality reports.

“Affordable drugs are part of the electronic health care system, and we see electronic prescription in every detail,” said the president of the NHA.

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As Ukrinform reported, in January 2020, drugs under the “Affordable Drugs” public reimbursement program were sold in 7,430 pharmacies across the country. The National Health Service of Ukraine has concluded agreements with 925 pharmaceutical establishments – legal entities. The leaders of Dnepropetrovshchina (646), Kiev (618), Kharkiv (595), Lviv (561) and Khmelnytsky (427) are the leaders in the number of production locations.

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