Number Ministry reported on 4G: Where did high-speed internet get


4G penetration is mainly in large and medium-sized cities of Ukraine

Ministry of Statistics on 4G in Ukraine told: Where did you get high-speed internet? Photo:

According to the Ministry of Digital Transformation, 4G communications are available in 15,478 settlements in Ukraine as of May 1, 2020. This is more than half of the total.

But these are mainly large and medium-sized cities and towns, where 82% of the population lives. But in small towns, high-speed mobile Internet has not yet arrived.

The Ministry of Finance believes that the deployment of a network of mobile operators in the 900 MHz band will help resolve this situation, which allows a base station to cover a much larger area than a higher range. In July, operators will roll out 4G networks in the 800–900 MHz band from the western regions. According to the Finance Ministry forecast, by early 2021, 88% of the population will have access to 4G, and in July 2022, 95%.

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Recall, fast internet should be visible: within 24 months in each colony with a population of more than 2 thousand people, provided that the operator’s combined coverage, among other settlements, at least 90% of the population of Ukraine and the region’s international Will be on the highways within 30 months. , Which is provided in the new license.

And for 48 months in the area’s national highways, which provide for 3G / 4G in 791-951 MHz for the use of a new portion of frequencies for new licenses.

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