Number of attacks on journalists increased during quarantine – NSJU



Number of attacks on journalists increased during quarantine - NSJU

Number of attacks on journalists increased during quarantine – NSJU

05/06.2020 15:08


During quarantine, aggression against journalists increased in Ukraine: for example, in April, there were 10 attacks on media representatives, in total, over four months of 2020, 26 incidents involving the use of force media representatives have been recorded.

This is monitoring data from the “Physical Security Index of Journalists of Ukraine”, which the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine conducts with partner public organizations, informs the NSW.

“The quarantine has caused an increase in attacks on journalists. In April, most attacks on media representatives have occurred since the beginning of the year – 10. In just 4 months of 2020, 26 incidents involving use of force against media representatives has been recorded, most often in April physical attacks against journalists occurred.In Kiev and the region – 5 cases, as well as one incident in Cherkasy , Odessa and in the regions of Lviv, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk “, indicates the message.

As reported in the NSJ, most of the cases in April were related to journalists’ coverage of the subject of quarantine and other related events.

Thus, on April 22, the journalists brutally pushed the journalists of the online edition Pershiy Krivorіzky out of the city’s executive committee, prohibiting them from attending a session of the city council under the pretext of quarantine measures.

Number of attacks on journalists increased during quarantine - NSJU

In Odessa, on April 17, a guard at the monastery pushed Vladislav Shvets out of the territory of the Ukrainian information service operator and turned off a camera.

On April 2, unknown young men attacked the crew of the ZIK television channel in the capital’s Hydropark while inspecting metropolitan parks and sports fields, which were prohibited from visiting during quarantine.

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On April 29, an incident occurred in Kiev with an obstruction to the work of police journalists. The police used force and broke his equipment to correspondent Bogdan Kutepov on the pretext that he was shooting from the prohibited area. The film crew worked to cover protests from contractors in the Cabinet of Ministers regarding quarantine measures.

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine condemns demonstrations of aggression against journalists in the exercise of their professional functions and calls on law enforcement officials to conduct full investigations and on citizens to respond adequately to the work of journalists.

“Quarantine restrictions increase the level of tension in society, but punching journalists who do their work during the epidemic is scandalous. If, a year ago, in April, we hadn’t registered as two attacks, the current 10 incidents are exactly an anti-registration of “quarantine” “- said NSJU president Sergey Tomilenko.

The Journalists’ Physical Security Index is a monthly monitoring of physical assaults against journalists in Ukraine. It is jointly composed by NSW and partners: NGO Information Security, NGO Platform for Human Rights, Academy of Ukrainian Press and Institute for the Development of Regional Press.

The panel also included information on the March 30 incident with Chernivtsi.Online news reporter Galina Yeremitsa in the Index. Unknown persons attempted to break his streaming device when it was directly included in the village church of Snyachev, in the Chernivtsi region.

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As a result, in March the total number of incidents involving the use of physical force against journalists was 5, in February – 6, in January – 5, they added to the NSW.

As reported, since March 12, the government has introduced quarantine in Ukraine to combat the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. In particular, commercial establishments were closed, with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, petrol stations and banks. Subway work in Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipro has been stopped, land transport in cities has been stopped, interurban and interregional automobile, rail and air communications have been stopped.

On May 4, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the quarantine until May 22, but from May 11, the restrictions will be relaxed.

Prime Minister Denis Shmygal has suggested that after May 22, the quarantine in Ukraine will be extended, but further easing is planned.

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