October 2020: experts call the date of Russia’s fatal decline


Vladimir Poutine


Even a week without work has become extremely painful for Russia. Experts predict a serious wave of bankruptcy in the country, the peak of which will occur in October 2020.

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It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

The Russian Federation can expect bankruptcy and unemployment. Panic and dissatisfaction are growing inside the country. Residents fear that Putin will extend the quarantine, and they may not be able to resist it. Already, across the country, about 37% of outlets have been closed, while many have closed forever. The main blow to the economy came in the state capital, 73% of outlets have stopped operating in Moscow.

Delovaya Rossiya predicts that at the end of the quarantine, up to 90% of catering establishments could go bankrupt and suffer heavy losses. Preliminary estimates indicate that between 500 and 1 million citizens who earn in the service sector will be out of work in Moscow. The peak of the crisis could overtake the country in October 2020. Almost 8% of Muscovites can find themselves without funds, even for the most necessary goods.

Recall, as noted earlier, that the United States announced China’s false data on the coronavirus: intelligence report.

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