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In Odessa, the regional state administration warned residents of the region that in the near future, a natural disaster was possible.

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About it, “MFN” refers to “UNIAN“.

The head of the Odessa regional state administration, Maxim Kutsy, has called an urgent meeting with local authorities to discuss the alleged flooding in the region. According to the official, the south and north of the region are already suffering from bad weather:

“Most of the water in western Ukraine comes close to us. We are preparing to face this natural disaster. “

As Kutsyi assured, they have already mobilized the leaders of the Belgorod-Dniester and Bilyaevsky districts, as well as the heads of the UTO Mayakovskaya and Yaskovsky. It is assumed that the areas mentioned above will strike the first blow.

Also in the region, the State Emergency Service, the police and border guards are subject to heavy tasks: they take all necessary security measures and do not allow people to enter dangerous places.
The regional state administration is also asking local residents and tourists this weekend not to plan a vacation near rivers or estuaries, as it can be deadly there.

Recall that we wrote earlier that due to the floods in western Ukraine, almost 10,000 houses were flooded.



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