offer from 50 GB again available for 5.99 euros per month


WINDTRE is back to offer its former customerstransferred to other operators, the ability to activate a special offer WINDTRE GO 50 Top +, This offer provides users selected by the operator with a data plan with unlimited minutes, 200 SMS and 50 GB of 4G data traffic at a periodic cost of 5.99 euros per month with a debit on a residual loan and without any restrictions.

The offer is also available with free activation and a SIM card cost of 10 euros. Thus, the total cost of signing the proposal is € 15.99, including the cost of the first month of the proposal. This new offer can be activated both online (via a link in SMS) and in WINDTRE stores. The last day of the offer activation is June 10th.

Also note that the same offer is also available. for those who switch from a virtual operator to WINDTRE (Ken, ho, and Lycamobile, Fastweb, and Postemobile are excluded). For those who pass from the Iliad, Fastweb or Postemobileinstead, the monthly cost of the proposal will be 6.99 euroFor those who pass from Lycamobile, cost 9.99 euros per month.

These operator attack offers can be activated directly online through the WINDTRE website. this link. At the moment, these proposals do not have an expiration date.


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