How to Resolve Office 365 Login Issues?

Many Office 365 users encounter issues when they try to log into their accounts. Typically, the problem occurs when the user enters the wrong username or password with the error message that says, “We are unable to recognize this user ID or password.”

If you are receiving such a message, there is a chance that you might have entered the wrong login credentials or CAPS LOCK is turned on. Since passwords are sensitive to even slight changes, it is recommended to type them manually instead of copying them. 

No matter the reason, facing such issues is a common thing when you are using Office 365. It is the reason why I have compiled an article that will walk you through a few of the most common reasons that result in office 365 login issues. 

In addition to this, I have mentioned the solution and a couple of tips for avoiding such issues. If you are interested, be sure to check out this article until the end.

What are the Most Common Reasons that Cause 365 Login Issues?

If you have been trying to log in to your office 365 and facing issues, these might be the reasons or conditions that cause such problems. 

  1. Your subscription to your Office 365 has expired.
  2. You have not enabled your user account.
  3. The password has expired.
  4. Your administrator has changed the password.
  5. The password is temporary and expired.
  6. You cannot sign in because you are blocked.
  7. The username and password you are trying to sign in with are invalid.
  8. For a federated user, single sign-on does not work.
  9. You cannot sign in to your account because you are locked out of it.

How to Resolve Login to Your Microsoft 365 Account?

Even if you have entered the correct login credentials and fail to log in to your account, you can still access your account. For this, one thing you are recommended to do is to reset your password. To do so, follow these instructions below:

  • If you are using a school or professional account, you can change your password by visiting:
  • If you have a personal Microsoft account, then you need to visit:
  • If you are using your account as an Office 365 administrator, you can easily change your password by yourself.
  • Lastly, if you are working in an organization with multiple Office 365 admins, you can ask them to reset your password. 

Please note that if your organization administrator allows you to change your passwords, you can do so yourself. If you are not allowed you have to contact your administrator.

How can You Avoid Having Office 365 Login Issues?

One thing to avoid getting login issues is to have a recovery email. Usually, users can set their recovery email during the configuration of their Office 365. You must be wondering why it is significant to have a recovery email.

When you try to enter the wrong password multiple times, there is a chance that you end up being denied access to your account. In this case, you will first have to verify your account before you can change the password.

On the contrary, if you have a recovery email set up, you can change your password and access your account with a new one.

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