official presentation in a few days


According to the report today Bloomberg almost everything is ready for official debut of the new Playstation 5The next-generation Sony console, in fact, may be officially unveiled during a streaming event scheduled for the next June 3rd The Japanese company wanted to unveil its new E3 console, but the event was canceled due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

At the moment, it is not clear how the event will be held next week. According to some hypotheses, in fact, Sony may not reveal the design of the new Playstation 5 just showing me first games which will go to the console of a new generation. In any case, the hypothesis remains that a full presentation of the console will take place next week.

We remember that The debut of the new Playstation 5 is scheduled for the end of 2020. Despite the health emergency and related economic crisis, Sony will not delay the launch of a new next-generation console, even if console stocks may be limited in the first weeks of marketing. Continue to follow us on all console updates that will challenge the Xbox Series X, also expected for a commercial debut later this year.


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