Oksana Samoilova commented on rumors of reconciliation with Dzhigan: “We have lived together so far”



Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova

Dzhigan, 34, recently just posted happy pictures on his wife and children on Instagram, as if his wife hadn’t started the divorce process. Indeed, messages have already appeared on the network that the couple has reconciled. However, today the hip-hop artist’s wife has asked everyone not to rush to the conclusions. Oksana also follows the news of herself, some of whom have decided to comment.

Around the subject of our family is already simply unbearably a lot of completely different information. Since I’m still not going to give an interview, my page is the only source where I can share the truth. For many years, I have run my Instagram honestly and with great respect for my subscribers. When you have been running a blog that has been open to you for so many years, it is very difficult and unfair to start suddenly to be silent about 50% of what is going on. I am already an adult aunt, I understand very well that I am not obliged to report to anyone, I am not obliged to explain anything, but I want to continue to be honest without details and details. I do not need a hype that follows me for a long time, they know it (below the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. – Ed.), Samoilova turned to the followers .

Oksana Samoilova and Dzhigan with her son

She denied information about their sale with her husband to a house in which the whole family continues to live – she confirmed that she was staying under the same roof as her husband, but at the same time she divorced him. We are living together for now. We still love mom and dad for our children. I do not suffer, do not suffer, I do not have depression. I’m fine. I am not angry or offended, I don’t care. We communicate perfectly. We have had no problem with this for 10 years and now we have no more. Everything else is under one very big question, – concluded Samoilova.

Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova with their daughters

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