Old age pension, which will not receive payments: new requirements have been announced in the PFU



Men can count on an old age pension in Ukraine when they reach the age of 60 and women after 59.5.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Retirement by age.
PFU has announced new retirement age requirements. Photo:

But it is not the only condition. In addition to the required age, you must also have sufficient insurance experience. In 2020, he is 27 years old.

These requirements are expressed by the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

In addition, insurance experience will increase each year, increasing by 12 months and by 2028 will already be 35 years old.

At the same time, citizens with insufficient experience will also be able to retire, but with an increase in the retirement age, namely: at 63 years old with insurance experience from 17 to 27 years old and at 65 years old with a seniority of 15 to 17 years, respectively.

In addition, the PFU has indicated that from 2020 pensions in Ukraine can be paid under the new funding system, under which there will be a so-called pension deposit, where funds will be accumulated for future additional pensions. Part of the funds will be allocated by the State (2% of ERUs and 2% of personal income tax), and part – by a future retiree.

Earlier, it was reported that it was known how much pensions would increase in July 2020.



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