Oleg Sentsov supports the resignation of Avakov



Former Kremlin watered prisoner, Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov noted that the full power of Ukraine makes many mistakes.

Oleg Sentsov
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Oleg Sentsov wrote about it in his Facebookwrites “MFN”.

According to Sentsov, to comment on all the errors of the current government, comments and comments will have to be written day and night:

“I am not a hater of Zelensky … But I still hope that the president will hear the company and start going in the right direction.” He will start to make the promised reforms, because of which he was elected to the post of head of state … But my hopes are more and more shattered every day and every inactivity of the authorities. “

In addition, the Ukrainian director has “overlapped” the activities of the Ministry of the Interior, where more and more resounding events have occurred recently:

“Someone might think that the events of Kagarlyk, Brovary, Odessa are exceptions to the rules. Someone thinks the Sheremet suspects are really guilty. Someone thinks that corruption in the ranks of the Interior Ministry is not systemic. Someone thinks that thanks to the permanent minister of the country, peace and tranquility. “

But on top of that, writes Sentsov, there is hardly anyone who recognizes that the police reform has been successful. And the failure of the reform is the resignation of the minister:

“Avakov must leave. People have already made their choice. They must fear us more than a powerful minister. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Venediktova is against the resignation of Avakov.



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