Olga Zueva shared a rare photo taken during pregnancy



Olga Zueva shared a rare photo taken during pregnancy

Olga Zueva

Today, 34-year-old Danila Kozlovsky, as well as her lover Olga Zueva and her newborn daughter, are in isolation in the United States. A few hours ago, a young mother posted a new post on Instagram in which she urged in these difficult times for the whole world not to forget to help homeless animals. Zuyeva accompanied this call with a photo taken during her pregnancy: in the photo, she poses with her beloved pet – a dog named Grusha.

Olga Zueva shared a rare photo taken during pregnancy

Olga Zueva

In this difficult time, it is difficult not only for people, but also for animals. No one goes to shelters, financial support also decreases. But now is a good time to bring the animal home or for temporary overexposure. I know firsthand the benefits of such an act. At first you think, “Why did I sign for this? .. ”while walking a dog on a cold morning in Moscow, for example. And then this dog will bury you with a wet nose at a difficult time, and … that’s all … And also the dog is the best friend of the pregnant woman (personal experience) (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. – Ed.),

– said the beloved of Danila Kozlovsky.

Olga Zueva and Danila Kozlovsky sheltered Pear during a trip to Georgia. On the way to the mountain, the couple saw the puppy directly on the track and decided to take it with them, then give it in good hands. Over time, Olga and Danila became so attached to the dog that they decided to keep it for themselves.

Olga Zueva shared a rare photo taken during pregnancy

Olga Zueva with a newborn daughter

Remember that Olga Zueva hid the pregnancy until the birth of her daughter. In order not to attract too much press attention, a few months before giving birth, the actress flew to the United States, and Danila then continued to work in Russia. All the while, Pear made up the star’s company – with her, she toured the city and went to the beach.

Shortly before the baby was born, Danila Kozlovsky flew to the United States to be with Olga at this important time for their family. According to rumors, the actor was present during the delivery in one of the American clinics.

Olga Zueva shared a rare photo taken during pregnancy

Danila Kozlovsky with a newborn daughter

The star parents do not yet reveal their daughter’s name and do not show her face in the photos on Instagram. At the same time, neither Olga nor Danila, who, since 2015, have hidden that the appearance of the girl on the has radically changed their lives, and from time to time they dedicate touching messages on social networks to the baby.

By the way, Danila Kozlovsky recently showed how New York changed during the quarantine period. The actor published a series of photos in which he captured the deserted streets without cars or people.

New York today

– Danila said in the signature, accompanied by awareness of the hashtag #.

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