On Bankova, a fight has begun for the post of chief of the OPU – the media



The chair, in which Andrei Yermak is now seated, swayed considerably under him after the scandal with his brother Denis.

Andrey Ermak
Andrey Ermak. Stock Photo –

About it writes “MFN” referring to the Telegram channel “Resident“.

According to their source with Bankova, now in the OPU, a real struggle is taking place for the president of the chief of the OPU, because Andrei Yermak becomes toxic for Zelensky:

“It makes no sense for the president to keep an ineffective person in such a position. And that raises his gray cardinal very well – Sergey Shefir. He was the first to support the post of Yermak at the head of the OPU in January and he now also convinces the president to dismiss Yermak. “

As for the president’s position, he wants Yermak to exchange prisoners first and improve the Minsk agreements … And after that, he can be fired.

Recall that, earlier in the media, there were reports that Yermak had been dismissed from the post of chief of the OPU.

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