On the Maidan is the “Stop Rematch” action



On the Maidan is the “Stop Rematch” action


05.24.2020 15:16


On the Independence Square in Kiev, the “Stop Rematch” action has started.

This was reported by the Ukrinform correspondent.

The Maidan gathered several hundred demonstrators. Some of them carry the flags of the “National Corps” and the “Democratic Sokiri”. We hear patriotic songs. The situation is calm. Independence Square patrols the National Guard and the police.

Organizers of the action – the resistance movement to surrender – believe that President Vladimir Zelensky cheated on his constituents by promising to end the oligarchy.

“Stop Revenge” action continues in Kiev / Photo: Pavel Bagmut, Ukrinform

The day before, the rally organizers announced the power requirements. Among them – put an end to the “policy of capitulation under the conditions of the Kremlin”, release the Maydan, unreasonable volunteers, put an end to the political persecution of the patriots, put an end to “the attack on the Ukrainian language” and adhere to linguistic legislation, and resume the dynamic rapprochement of our State with NATO and the EU.

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The demonstrators also demand that the oligarchs be removed from the government and that they stop appointing relatives, the servants of Kvartal and Yanukovych.

Earlier, organizers of the rally said he was entirely Ukrainian, which several cities joined.

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