One day with the ambulance team



One day with the ambulance team

Photo documentary

06.06.2020 17:19


Every day in Uzhgorod, 9 brigades from the emergency medical station enter service

They are called “Ambulance” in the old way. Their name is when it is already very bad. In Uzhgorod, this also happens 1.5 times a hundred times a day.

And not necessarily, there are strong men in the brigade. Doctor Kristina Rishko and paramedic Marianna Mishanich are working on the same team. I ask: “What if the patient weighs 120 kg?” Laugh: “Sometimes it happens, but it happens, and the state emergency service comes to the rescue.”

They work on call, like most doctors, calmly and harmoniously. It seems that they understand each other even without words. And in the eyes, you can see a sincere indifference towards the patient.

A doctor with thirty years of experience in an ambulance Maria Slavik to the question “What is the most difficult thing to do?” replies: “Naughty patients. Although … it is impossible to get used to the smell of blood on hot asphalt at the scene of an accident.”

Paramedic Nikolay Golovchak in a hurry to call

Paramedic Nikolai Golovchak (left) and Doctor Andrei Semedy run around the porch. Every minute counts

Driver Eduard Ivanov (left) and paramedic Ivan Kutsin in the garage during a “smoke break” with morning coffee. For Uzhgorod doctors, the ambulance always starts with coffee, but this coffee was already after the call

Paramedic Ivan Kutsin on his way to an appeal

Patient suspected of broken leg is taken to emergency room

Rescuers transfer patient to stretcher in emergency room

Paramedic Nikolay Golovchak and doctor Andrei Semedy dress before leaving for a call to the suspected patient of Covid-19

Paramedic Nikolay Golovchak – fully equipped

Doctor Andrey Semedy

Doctor Kristina Rishko (right) and paramedic Marianna Mishanich

Doctor Kristina Rishko communicates with the patient’s relatives

Paramedic Marianna Mishanich

Disinfection after contact with patients

Doctor Maria Slavik and paramedic Miroslav Semyon

Doctor Maria Slavik

Emergency medical worker in a kitchen station

Doctor Lyudmila Kogut

Doctor Lyudmila Kogut and junior nurse Rostislav Groshik help an elderly woman go to the emergency room

Paramedic Ivan Ganich

Photo: Sergey Gudak, Ukrinform

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