One hundred people in South Korea re-infected with coronavirus: the global community is worried



Doctors and scientists expected that after coronavirus disease, the body would develop immunity to COVID-19, but statistics show otherwise.

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The director of the Korean Center for Disease Control, Chung Yun Kyon, has reported an alarming trend when people who have already had a coronavirus are infected again.

On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Reuters“.

He said that 91 people in South Korea who had already recovered from the coronavirus were again exposed to COVID-19:

“Perhaps in these cases, it is not reinfection, but reactivation of the virus.”

In turn, the infectious disease specialist estimates that the number of re-sick patients will increase:

“91 cases are just the beginning.”

The South Korean health ministry said it could not explain the reinfection and conduct investigations.

It should be noted that the trend towards re-diseases worries the international community. Indeed, many hoped that after infection, people would develop immunity to COVID-19. There is now a fear that a second pandemic will start in the world.

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