One of the accused in the MH 17 case was arrested in “DPR” – media



He is a citizen of Ukraine Leonid Kharchenko. He is one of 4 defendants in a plane crash with the MH17 plane, which was shot down by ORDLO terrorists in 2014.

Leonid Kharchenko
Leonid Kharchenko. Stock Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Russian Air Force Service“.

The publication, referring to its sources in the so-called “DPR”, reports that in March 2020, Kharchenko was taken into custody in occupied Donetsk.

Specifically, this happened on March 11 – two days after the start of the trial in the case of MH 17 in the Netherlands. It is reported that Kharchenko was arrested right outside his house. The “law enforcement authorities of the DPR” suspect him of having committed a criminal offense. Now he’s in prison.

According to an insider, Kharchenko is accused of illegal excavations he carried out in 2014 and of illegal possession of weapons.

At the same time, the source notes that Kharchenko’s arrest is nothing more than an attempt to hide him from the investigation in the case of MH 17. Activists also fear that if Kharchenko is free, the Ukrainian special services will remove him, as previously with another person implicated in the affair, Vladimir Tsemakh.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the witnesses in the MH17 case fear reprisals from the special services of the Russian Federation.

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