One of the European Union countries started issuing work visas to Ukrainians


Where can Ukrainians go to work this summer

One of the European countries has started issuing work visas to Ukrainians. Photo:

From 4 May, Poland’s consular offices in Ukraine began issuing visas. In the initial period, only documents will be accepted for the purpose of traveling for agriculture, horticulture and international transport. Other applications for work visas will not yet be accepted by the consulates, as specified on the Polish state website.

It has been reported that applicants who have supporting documents on the implementation of agriculture, horticulture work or international transport can register to apply for an online visa through the system. E-Konsulat.

Applicants registering with e-Consulate should follow the following rules:

  1. To limit the number of people in the queue, you only need to come to the consulate at the appointed time
  2. Print all the pages of the questionnaire, on the page indicating the date and time of entry to the consulate.
  3. Prepare all required documents, a list of which is “What documents should be submitted?” At
  4. Standing in a queue at the consulate, you should observe a social distance of at least one and a half meters
  5. Entrance to the consulate is possible only in masks covering the nose and mouth, as well as in disposable gloves.
  6. To the consulate Only allowed to enter with a package of documents To apply for a visa, other personal items, including bags and packages, have to be left in front of the entrance

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