OnePlus 8 will not exceed $ 1,000, the word Pete Lau


Good times are those in which Oneplus Genuine jewelry is produced at prices, let’s face it, torn. After the launch phase, the Chinese manufacturer has become a world-class player, able to compete with historical brands, including in terms of communication and brand. For a couple of years too Oneplus it more or less corresponds to the prices of the upper part of the range of its competitors.

In 2020, the trend will also be confirmed by a series of OnePlus 8, There was practically no doubt about this, given that in the past Pete laua.d. and the co-founder of the company, has already warned about the exorbitant costs of 5G, a technology that includes several obstacles from a technical point of view and from a smartphone design point of view.

Pete Lau himself in an interview Business Insider IndiaHowever, it was pointed out that The maximum cost of OnePlus 8 will not exceed $ 1,000. Given that the OnePlus 7T McLaren Edition, released in October last year, cost 859 euros (the most expensive of the range), it is easy to imagine that the most advanced configuration OnePlus 8 Pro may come to cost 999 euros in Italy,

Recall that at the beginning of the week, the date of the presentation of the new top of the range (April 14) was announced yesterday. Pete lau talked about some technical specifications OnePlus 8 on the company’s official forum (click here to learn more).


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