OnePlus Nord, the first pre-order block is completed: here are the dates of the next two



OnePlus Nord is (almost) official: today the Chinese manufacturer launched the first block of pre-orders for a smartphone, which will open the first signed “mid-level line” Oneplus, The company, according to Karl Pei, emphasized the particularly ambitious nature of the project: for many this is a kind of return to the roots, we will see if the public will follow this new phase with the same enthusiasm for the launch time.

This morning the first block dedicated to pre-orders began, and the sale was almost instant: it is easy to assume that the quantity was limited, but there is no doubt that the interest in the project is so great. At the moment Oneplus made an official presence on board the processor Qualcomm (almost certainly it will be the Snapdragon 765G, which can also guarantee 5G connectivity), while Pei talked about the photographic sector worthy of the top of the range.

The next block for pre-orders is set for next Wednesday, July 8; the latter is scheduled for Wednesday 15th and will last 24 hours. In this case, in all likelihood, the technical passport OnePlus Nord. To complete the pre-order, you must pay 20 euros (non-refundable): you will have priority when buying a smartphone and, in fact, a coupon for a discount of 20 euros with other gifts that will be revealed later. The price of the device will not exceed 500 Euro.

At the moment, we assume that a 6.55 ″ AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, a rear four-chamber with a main sensor of 64 megapixels, a dual front camera (built into the opening on the display) 32 + 8 MP and one 4300 mAh battery with fast charging at 30 watts.

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