OnePlus Pods, China’s first real wireless company, gets closer


Let us get back to talking about the first truly wireless OnePlus headphones. Many expected his arrival in April last year, simultaneously with Oneplus 8but in the end we were pleased with Wireless Z Bullets, which still have the legendary cord that unites them.

Just from this model futures OnePlus Podsas the render posted today, offers Max j, should inherit an aesthetic detail: we are talking about the back of two headphones, probably also with aluminum trim with the addition of a small red frame. It is also interesting to look at the alleged case, which will also be used for wireless charging, the design of which is very similar to Huawei Freebuds 3.

Another detail that has appeared recently Android 11 Developer Preview for OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, related to coloring: le OnePlus Pods they could only be launched in black, thereby discarding the hypothesis of a more classic white version.

Let’s see if rumors that speak of a design designed to optimize noise reduction features are confirmed. But first of all, it will be interesting to know if the first Oneplus really are on the launch pad, as the latest rumors suggest: they will arrive in July, which is much talked about (and very expected) OnePlus Nord?


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