OnePlus will return to the production of “cheaper” smartphones


Once there was a “flagship killer” Oneplus: the type of smartphone that marked the era and helped create an almost mystical patina on what was a startup in its own way revolutionary. However, over the years there has been a transformation into a global company, and gradually the offer of its products also corresponded to the offer of its natural competitors. With launch OnePlus 8 ProThe first smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer, which exceeded 1000 euros, ended the era.

Expansion plans, however, are ongoing and Oneplus he knows that he cannot easily abandon cheaper market segments. For this reason, in recent months there have been constant rumors about the possible launch of a new smartphone at lower prices, a device that would still support a very good level of hardware.

To confirm this strategy directly to the CEO and co-founder, Pete lauduring an interview with ‘Fast Company‘:“ We will soon feel the taste of this new strategy in India. Over the course of the year, more affordable devices will also be launched in Europe and North America. “

In short, the opportunity to find out soon Oneplus z (it was the name that appeared in previous rumors) equipped with the Snapdragon 765, it becomes more specific. But calm your heart old oneplus never come back.


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