Online GDPR conference online for CIS countries


GDPR Day is an event for online business and public

Every year, under the data privacy office brand, we held an open conference GDPR Day (Minsk, Moscow, Kiev). They offline it separately for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

This year we have changed the birthday of GDPR:

  1. The program will be organized under the auspices of the community of professionals in the field of information privacy. DPO ClubAnd not “Privacy Office Date”.
  2. We handed over the preparations for the conference program to the editorial board of leading experts in the field of privacy.
  3. Could not help but care for the health of the participants, so they decided on the online format.

GDPR Day Online – This event is for business representatives and the public. This is particularly relevant for top managers, lawyers, information security experts, systems architects, project managers, business analysts – all employees, who are faced with GDPR issues.

The editorial board of GDPR Day has already prepared a list of topics and speakers – more than 30 reports have been received. Therefore, the good news is that we will be celebrating GDPR’s birthday for 2 days! That is how long our conference will last.

We recommend arranging your time wisely 25-26 May Do not miss more important practical information:

  1. How to develop a product that meets all the global requirements to protect personal data?
  2. Is your site subject to GDPR and what technical tools will help ensure compliance with the regulations?
  3. If you need to enforce privacy by design in your application, where to start?
  4. How to use the RACI matrix to separate responsibilities for the processing and security of personal data?
  5. How to make money according to rules?
  6. How does it feel to be an inspector to protect personal data?
  7. Will “Eurasian GDPR” appear and for how long?
  8. What to do if it is necessary to comply with both FZ-152 and GDPR?
  9. How to confirm compliance with certification through ISO 27701 certification.

The conference will also host an observer in the field of personal data protection from Germany.

Without interaction with such practical topics, this is hardly possible, so it would be possible to a) ask questions in the zoom and close Facebook community b) meet and communicate with colleagues, as well as enter the DPO Club community of information privacy professionals .

Want to celebrate GDPR’s birthday together and dive into the ocean of useful information? Again register now, After all, only the first 1000 people will get seats in the online conference!


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