Online loan Milano can now be repaid in Nova Posta branches through Financial Services NovaPay


Now every borrower can repay the loan online at Millenhove in any branch of Nova Posta

In March 2020, microfinance company Miloan began working with NovaPay, which is owned by the Nova Posta Group, which offers its customers a new, convenient way to repay debt. Now every borrower can repay Online loans on milano In any branch of Nova Posta.

Repayment stage through Novape service

Paying debt at the Nova Posta branch is quick and very convenient.

Choose your nearest branch

Use the card on the Nova Posta website to select the branch that is closest to you. You can repay the loan in any branch of your city.

Find meet on novape

To repay the loan, an employee of Nova Posta finds the company name in the system. Full name “MILOAN (repayment of credit)”. All you have to say is the name of the company.

Important! If you can’t find Miloan immediately in the repayment system, try entering names in multiple languages ​​simultaneously: English, Russian and Ukrainian (Miloan, Miloan, Miloan).

What is your contract number?

Before paying, it is better to find out your contract number and the amount to be paid. To do this, go to your personal account on the Millon website and find out all the necessary information. You can also do this by phone, while already in the department.
To redeem through the Novapay service, you do not need a passport, printed contract or any other documents.

Verify your details

What is your full name, phone number, loan agreement number and dues. As a rule, the amount is already displayed at the entrance of the system, but it would be better if you preview the related data in your personal account beforehand.
You can pay the loan in whole or in part.

Pay loan online

for the time being Loan repayment This is possible only in cash at the Nova Posta branch. An employee will provide a check about the payment, and within 3-10 minutes on your phone you will be sent a message with the new status of your loan from Milan.

Now you can receive your parcels and pay the loan at the same time, you do not need to search for new repayment methods or terminals using the convenient NovaPay service at any Nova Post office.

What is the loan status on the union?

Currently, Miloan offers to issue loans ranging from 500 to 15,000 hryvnia for 30 days. There is a special offer for new customers – a loan of 12,000 hryvnias at a rate of 0.01% per day.

Steps to get loan

To get a loan on the Miloan website, you will need:

  • Choose the required amount and term on the calculator on the site. Loans with more than 12,000 loans are available with other loans;
  • Log in using your phone number and enter SMS confirmation;
  • Fill in the form: Enter your personal data – name, email, phone number, TIN, passport number, data at workplace and place of residence;
  • Verify the card – to get a loan, any Ukrainian bank’s card is appropriate;
  • Wait for the solution of the system according to your application. In the case of processing a large loan amount, a call from the operator of the company is possible;
  • Get a loan on your bank card.

What are the alternative repayment options in Miloan?

Now you can repay online loans in many ways apart from Nova Posta branches:

  • A card linked to your personal account on the site;
  • Card without authorization in your account (the site will redirect to the service of the bank, where you enter all the details);
  • Via Privat24 service and Privatbank terminals;
  • Using iBox and EasyPay self-service terminals.

In addition, each customer can extend the loan for a period of 3, 7 or 15 days. In the long run, part of the loan body, part of the interest, and a fixed commission is paid for the service. In the long run this method helps to reduce the loan body gradually and accordingly, the amount of interest earned.

Pay the loan in a convenient way for you. NovaPay repayment service from Nova Posta will help you save time and pay the loan comfortably and quickly.


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