Only twice a week: self-isolation and quarantine rules have been tightened in Ukraine



In Ukraine, stricter movement restrictions have been introduced. This was described in detail by chief medical officer of health Viktor Lyashko.

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The rules of self-isolation are tightened.
Healthy people are prohibited from leaving their home more than twice a week. Photo:

According to Lyashko, now even healthy people who isolate themselves can leave their homes only twice a week and only if necessary: ​​in a pharmacy or an essentials store.

“People who will be on self-isolation are allowed to go to pharmacies and stores within a certain period of time, which are not more than 2 kilometers within the radius of their place of isolation to buy essential products “, – said Lyashko.

The sick coronavirus is generally prohibited from leaving the house. The patrol police will strictly monitor compliance with these rules, they will have the right to arrest people and check documents. In addition, they will have with them an application with which they will check people for possible infections.

Once again, Lyashko urged the Ukrainians to be responsible in order to prevent the collapse of the health system and asked the citizens not to leave their homes without emergency.

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