Only two companies passed the COVID-19 test


Microsoft and Amazon shares posted gains in the first quarter of the year, while their competitors suffer from the outbreak of COVID-19

Market crash: Only two companies passed the test of coronavirus. Photo: BFM

In the past three months, the price of Microsoft shares has almost fallen, while Amazon’s stock market rose 5.43% in the first quarter. However, the historical volatility of the market has led its technical partners to close the three-month period in the red. Apple came down 13.4%, while Alphabet fell 13.25% in the previous quarter.

Companies spent the last quarter warning of the effects of the deadly coronavirus epidemic on financial transactions. Last month, Microsoft said it did not expect to achieve its quarterly revenue for the business segment, which included Windows due to supply of chain disruptions related to coronovirus, but noted that demand was high. Microsoft also benefited from the widespread use of cloud services.

At the same time, Amazon has seen an increase in consumer activity in the hand sanitizer categories, as well as strong demand for Amazon web services from companies such as Slack and Zoom, which are based in part of Amazon’s infrastructure.

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Recall, Microsoft has developed a technology that will help differentiate a working conference from home noise. The company’s new technology is called “real-time noise reduction”.

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