Opening of the “Lugansk Village” CPVV: the “LPR authorities” urged residents of the “republic” not to arrive at the checkpoint



The so-called “LPR” described the opening of the CPVV by Ukraine to Stanitsa Lugansk as “provocation”. This statement was made by the representative of the so-called “LPR” in the working group on humanitarian issues of the Contact Group Olga Kobtseva.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

The representative of the so-called “LPR” in the Contact Group’s humanitarian working group, Olga Kobtseva, said that Ukraine had decided to unilaterally open the CPW in Stanitsa Lugansk. According to Kobtseva, the citizens’ checkpoint via the contact line in the village district of Lugansk will not work tomorrow. The representative of the illegal “republic” said it was a “provocation” from Ukraine.

In addition, the occupiers’ representative appealed to the residents of Ordlo asking them not to arrive at the CPVL in the village of Lugansk.

“Dear citizens of the” republic “! We would like to remind you that no one has canceled the coronavirus. Tomorrow, do not arrive at the checkpoint in the village of Lugansk,” explained Kobtseva.

She also reminded residents of the “republic” that at present in the “LPR” there is still a “high alert regime” that was introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Kobtseva, residents of the “republic” will be informed later of the opening of checkpoints through the contact line of “authorities of the republic”.

Earlier, we pointed out that the “DPRK authorities”, for their part, would not resume the movement through the CPVV.



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