Orca Pay will allow you to request prepayment in the application


The new solution will allow the British to receive money before salary

Orca Pay will allow you to request prepayment in the application. Photo:

The British company Orca Technology Group has launched a new tool Orca Pay, which will allow workers to receive advance pay before receiving basic pay with hourly pay.

The Orca Pay application will allow employees to request advance payment at the end of the work shift. Orca integrated Orca Pay into the employer’s time tracking system through an API, which allows the program to automatically coordinate withdrawals with employers every paycheck day.

Orca Technology Group CEO Tom Pickersgill called the main benefit of Orca Pay – providing financial freedom for artists.

“Orca Pay offers employees a useful service that will allow them to do without debt at high interest rates when they will actually need to be paid,” Pickersgill said.

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