ORDLO hospitals are overflowing with coronavirus patients – DUS commander



According to Vladimir Kravchenko, in the occupied territories of Donbas, there are already more than 400 people infected with COVID-19.

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OOS Commander Vladimir Kravchenko in an interview with “Ukrinform“Noted that in the temporarily uncontrolled part of Donbass, in the so-called” L / DPR “hospitals are crowded with coronavirus patients.

About it writes “MFN”.

At the same time, the “authorities” of the pseudo-republics hide the real number of cases and in their “official” reports, there are far fewer cases:

“It’s no secret that in Russia there are already more cases of coronavirus than in China. When the rotation of the Russian occupation forces takes place at ORDLO, the growth of coronavirus cases begins.

But the “authorities of Ordlo” are hiding real information from the local population. In most cases, when people have symptoms similar to the coronavirus, they are immediately diagnosed with SARS or pneumonia. “.

Kravchenko added that there were not enough gloves, masks, medicines, necessary equipment and even the doctors themselves in the hospitals where they treated the sick. In addition, the minimum supplies of available drugs are taken for treatment by the Russian army:

“The medical staff were also forced to sign a document on the non-disclosure of the actual epidemiological situation. We now have information that there are more than 400 cases of CIOVID-19 in ARDS, although according to “official” data there are only 150 cases of coronavirus. “

Vladimir Kravchenko also noted that more and more local residents are expressing their dissatisfaction with the “L / DPR leadership”, accusing them of poorly combating the spread of the coronavirus.

Recall that we wrote earlier that in Ukraine, there are already more than 10,000 patients with coronavirus.

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